Facebook photos swiped for dating website


Hacking and art mixed on Friday in a freshly-launched dating website that lets visitors seek mates by sifting through profile pictures mined from Facebook. boasted Facebook pictures of about 250,000 people searchable in categories that included nationality, gender, funny, smug, and “climber.”

The creators of the online “dating agency” were identified at the website as artists Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovic.

‘Our mission was to give all these virtual identities a new shared place to expose themselves freely, breaking Facebook’s constraints and boring social rules,” the website authors said in an online statement datelined in Berlin.

The artists explained that a million “stolen” Facebook profile pictures were analyzed using facial recognition software that filtered images by expressions.

“Immersing ourselves in the resulting database was a hallucinatory experience as we dove into hundreds of thousands of profile pictures and found ourselves intoxicated by the endless smiles, gazes and often leering expressions,” the artists said.

“So we established a new website ( giving them justice and granting them the possibility of soon being face to face with anybody who is attracted by their facial expression and related data.”

Facebook frowned on lovely-faces, saying that “scraping” or mining information violates the terms of service at the world’s leading online social network. Facebook was investigating and vowed to take “appropriate” action.

Ironically, the story of Facebook’s genesis tells of its founder Mark Zuckerberg getting in trouble for hacking Harvard University computers while a student to get pictures of coeds for comparison with each other at a website called “Face Mash” that he created.

Pakistan refutes Afghan allegations


Pakistani officials have strongly refuted the claim made by two foreign-backed Afghan Commanders who alleged that “Pakistani Air Force had violated the Afghan territory and that Pak forces had attacked a district in Nangarhar.”

A senior official speaking on condition of anonymity warned that “such moves aimed at upsetting recently developed Pak-Afghan understanding would have serious consequence on the regional developments.”

Pakistani Consul General in Jalalabad, Muhammad Taufeeq also rejecting the allegation said that Pakistan had not violated Afghanistan territory limits or hit any civilian target. Taufeeq added that only one Pakistani helicopter had landed in the Anargi area of Afghanistan to observe a post on the border.

A local Afghan commander, Dilawar Khan claimed that several house were damaged and warned that “We are capable of defending our soil, but high-ranking officials ordered us not to respond.”

Another Afghan commander, Brig. Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel had claimed at a press conference earlier in Jalalabad that “Pakistan launched an assault on border police posts at 10pm on Wednesday, hitting two checkpoints in the Anargi area of the frontier district.” Pakistani officials say that on Wednesday NATO-backed troops had attacked Pakistani side and the attack resulted in the death of one and injuries of three others.

Regional experts say that both Aminullah and Dilawar Khan are known for their close links and dependency on foreign elements inside Afghanistan.

Observers have expressed surprise over foreign-backed Afghan local commanders’ allegations against Pakistan at a time when Islamabad’s relations with U.S. became tense over shooting dead of two Pakistanis and crushing another by Americans in Lahore.

Others claim that the “allegations and tensions” were reported at a time when President Karzai was considering a regional cooperation for a peaceful and amicable solution of Afghan crisis.



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